How often should I wash my car?

A question that most people would inquire the answer after getting a car wash.

We think that everyone can agree, it's better to wash your car too much rather than not at all, right? Right. Since we are all commuting from Michigan/living in Michigan, I think we can all agree that our cars go through the seasonal stresses just like we do. Whether its the feet of snow and slush build up in the Winter, hitting dirty potholes in the Summer, or hitting dirty puddles in the Spring. There needs to be a dedicated amount of time for getting your car cleaned each month. What do we recommend you ask?

Tom O'Connell, owner of Howell Soft Cloth Car Wash would tell you that it depends on a couple key factors. First being, where does your car sleep at night? Is it in a garage or outside on the road or driveway? Depending on your Residence, your car is parked for at least 8 hours everyday. So if your car is tucked in at night, safe from rain, snow, sleet, etc. that will have a huge impact on your car. Secondly, how often do you use your car? Do you have a long commute everyday to work? Or, do you work from home some days? Mileage plays a big role in how often you should get your car washed. Lastly, Weather. Michigan is known for harsh winters, and hot summers, and almost EVERYTHING in between. We should all be attentive to what is being thrown at our cars everyday, just like we should about our own selves.

Which brings us to our UNLIMITED CAR WASH PACKAGES. Starting at the low price of $19.95 per month, with our Basic Package, you have the opportunity to wash your car how ever many times a month. We suggest at least once every two weeks. That probably sounds like a lot, but think about those factors up above... If you want to keep your car in the best shape you can, you should be getting your car washed at least once a month.



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